Newegg: New motherboard missing SATA cables

Hello, I recently bought an ASRock FM2A85X Extreme6 motherboard from Newegg.
The package arrived the 30th but I didn't get the chance to open it until today. When I opened the ASRock box containing the motherboard, there were two SATA III cables missing out of a total of four.

I haven't found an official source(ASRock) stating that the motherboard should come with four cables, but on the products page on Newegg's website it shows a picture of four SATA III cables and there is a verified owner that wrote a review confirming that his came with four cables*. I also found an article on AnandTech** stating that they also received four SATA cables.

Did I receive an open box/returned item? Did a Newegg employee steal two cables? Did ASRock forget two cables while packaging the box?

I noticed that the ASRock package was not sealed in any way nor was the anti-static bag containing the motherboard sealed. Is this normal? I also noticed that the software CD was tucked into the installation manual rather than the software manual which would make the most sense (again, it could be a packaging error by ASRock)

What should I do and what should I expect? Will they want me to RMA it just because it's missing two cables and try to make me pay for shipping + restocking fees or will they try to flat out deny me?

This is my first time building a computer and having to go through something like this, so I'm sorry if I sound a bit mad/paranoid

Additional information:
I do not currently have a CPU compatible with the motherboard for testing.
Newegg's RMA policy about restocking fees states that if an"Item does not match what our website shows" does not require a restocking fee***.
I'm new to the whole refund/negotiation/arguing thing.
I plan on contacting Newegg tomorrow.

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  1. Could be misspacked or someone took them out or they may have changed the accessories included with the MOBO -- will you be using all 4 cables ? What to do really depends - figure if you contact Newegg they may provide replacements but they may also want you to ship the entire thing back for an RMA replacement which would result in a couple weekks off delay in being able to use it ! -- Seeing that the cables can be replaced for about $1.50 each and you may not even need them whether it is worth the hassle to try to get them replaced is up to you. Figure after building a few systems you normally have several sitting in a drawer unused but as I said it really depends on your situation and whether it is worth the time invested to get it corrected.
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