Ad hoc network used to be working-stopped though

I have a wireless card in my computer. I use it to create an ad hoc network between my ipod touch and my desktop computer. Its been working for awhile now and now I can't figure out whats wrong. I know that both of the wireless in the computer and ipod work because I've tested them elsewhere.
When I turn on my ipod touch's(which is jailbroken by the way) wireless it remembers the password so it automatically connects. It takes only 10-15 seconds. Theres two ways you can tell an ipod touch is connected to wifi.
1. A wifi symbol appears in the top left corner of the screen.
2. when you go to settings>Wi-Fi it shows the name of the network your connected to.
My ipod is showing both of these. But when I go to any app-Safari(web browser), weather, app store, or anything else it tells there is no internet connection.

I've messed around with the settings on the ipod, and windows firewall. But I don't know what some of the settings mean on the ipod. And I don't understand how to configure windows firewall to allow ad hoc networks to work. When my ipod used to be able to connect there was always this 1 weird thing that would happen.( I have windows xp by the way) If I had both computer and ipod connected it would work. But if I turned the ipod's wifi off and then back on, both the computer and ipod say that its conncted, but when the ipod uses an app that uses the internet, it said it isn't connected to the internet. The only way I was able to solve this was by rebuting the computer.

I've looked to see if other programs were interfering-Counterspy, Antiv. Counterspy says its blocking 3 applications-17930.exe, btdna.exe, and swhelp1~.exe. I don't know if that has anything to do with it but i thought i should mention it.

Theres many options on the ipod touch. So i'm going to list them and see if anyone can figure out if I have to adjust another setting.
*So when I go to the network options for the ad hoc network on my ipod i have the following tabs-DHCP,BootP, Static
under DHCP is:
IP Address-which sometimes shows
Subnet Mask-which sometimes shows
Search Domains-blank
Client ID-blank
then below that is a renew lease button. Which seems not to do anything. And below that it says HTTP Proxy and theres 3 tabs-off, manual, and auto.
hitting manual makees 'sever', 'port', and 'authentication(on/off)'. Server and port are blank. If I have authentication on then 2 more boxes appear that are blank-username & password(which username&password are they talking about?).
It I click the Auto tab under HTTP Proxy it just says URL and I can type a.... well anything.
The BootP and Static tabs that are in bold way a paragraph above work the same way DHCP does except that Client ID and the renew lease button isn't displayed under either of these tabs.
Basically the paragraph that has the* everything I explain after that I really have no idea what it is. Except the IP address.

1 Last thing-I tried to ping my computer's ip address. I found my ip address by doing this-
which gave some interesting results. Under foreign address>state it says established a bunch of times then TIME_WAIT twice. and then established and then TIME_WAIT twice again. The IP address is similar except for the last 4 or sometimes 5 numbers. And the last to foreign addresses are completely different. (Just clarifying that all this was on the computer). On the ipod i have an app that can ping IP addreses, but it didn't work because it couldn't even get the ip address of my ad hoc network.

So what the hell is wrong? Setting on my ipod? setting on my computer? Windows firewall and 3rd party software? Why won't this ad hoc network share the internet?
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  1. I figured out one solution. Under 'show all network connections' you'll have a wired and wireless network card with an ad hoc network. In "show all network connections' it will show the status of each network. If the wired one is firewalled then the wireless doesn't have to have windows fire wall on it. This was the problem. The Windows firewall on the Wireless card was blocking the connection sometimes. So now the firewall is only on the wired connection. The other solution would be to figure out what needs(program or something) to be allowed to go through the firewall. But it doesn't matter because with this kind of connection the wire connection is sending data to the wireless, so the firewall on the wired sticks blocks junk.
  2. Dudester, I agree with your information.....
    An ad hoc network is automatically deleted after all users disconnect from the network or when the person who set up the network disconnects and goes out of range of the other users of the network, unless you choose to make it a permanent network when you create it.

    Jack Johnson
  3. Automatically deleted? What are you talking about? The connection was never deleted. It just wouldn't send all the data. I'm saying all cuz they did (iPod & computer) did communicate with each but the firewall was blocking any other sort of data transfering.
  4. my laptop is connected to the internet through a internet cable.i created a ad hoc connection and then transmitted the shows up on my wireless don't need 2 computers.i just had my laptop connect to the wireless connection and then it created a loop.after that,the wireless access point showed up on my ipod touch
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