Acer aspire 4520 keyboard & mouse will not work at logon screenn

Acer aspire 4520 mouse & keyboard will not work a vista logon screen.
Did the battery thing did not work. Also none of the usb ports will work. Can not go to safe mode. Does work at bios screen & will work using recovery disk but once I reboot mouse & kb issue returns. Freaking acer.. I'm so done with them

Anyway if anyone has a fix I would be much grateful. Oh also I have no vista disc.. ;( thanx
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  1. Wow not good when there is no replies.
    Does anybody know if this will work??

    Let's say I go to c prompt using rec disk & use the load drivers options. Can I manually load that touchpad driver so that it might work??
    If so does anyone know is it the hub.sys driver as well? I think the name of the touchpad software is synoptics or something like that.

    Anyway I know there is someone out there that knows! lol please help

    Thank you.
    Blitzer ;)
  2. I have tried everything and still no go. All I have is a recovery disk since acer does not include windows disk. Sucks badly!
    Does anybody have any ideas or has this happened to anyone?

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