Asus P5N-D 750i SLI mobo

Hey, well I've just ordered a new comp, it should arrive thursday. Ive ordered this and 2 8800GTS 512 that I plan to use in SLI. My question is will these cards fit in? I'm really concerned now cause I want to OC my CPU and go SLI and I'm worried about the heat that will be generated, also I have a Antec 900 if this is any help.

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  1. I hope you have better luck than i did. I just RMA's my P5N-D. I was only getting 15-20FPS in COD4 and BF2142 and i was getting BSODs.
  2. I would not worry to much about heat from the SLI. If you have a good heatsink for your CPU, go on the frostytech website to see wich are the ''best'' on the market.

    I have the same mobo, the same case and a e6700 cpu but only one graphic card. Also, be aware that the IFX or the True fit in the case. You'll maybe have to cut a bit of plastic on the side fan if you want to use one.

    And if you ever want to buy an IFX, I got one for sale, I am going water cooling.....
  3. hey im just wondering does this board use full 16x sli, because most of the 750i boards iv seen are limited to 8x in sli.

  4. Yes, it uses x16 SLI.
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