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Mysterious Beep?

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March 25, 2008 1:55:27 PM

when I shut down, there is a quick, sort of half-beep right before the power completely shuts off...the board starts up properly and i get the correct beep code (Gigabyte P35-DS3R)...

i read that this might be an attempted mobo alert that occurs because a fan slows down (obviously) while some power is still running through the board...but i don't have the system or CPU fan alerts enabled (says 'disabled' in the BIOS)...

only recent changes are that I added a new system drive (made a Raptor into the C drive and made the Seagate into a second drive [not RAID]), and I added a new surge protector...

any ideas what might be causing it?

i also read that the "beep" could be due to the video card (EVGA 8800GT), that the PSU is shutting down a split second before the vid card gets the signal to shut down, and the "beep" is a momentary warning about not enough power...

does this sound reasonable to you guys? and is this a mobo issue or a vid card issue then? or both?

any ideas?

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March 26, 2008 1:08:27 AM

i opened the case and shut the system down, stuck my ear in there, and found that the sound was actually coming from one of the hard drives (seagate 320mb SATA, 7200.10)...

this is a new build, and this was my main drive for a few weeks until I added a 150gb Raptor, and made that the "new" system/C drive...the seagate became the E drive...

i had both HDs hooked up to the same wire coming out of the PSU (Corsair hx520)- the PSU only came with 1 SATA connector with 2 SATA leads on it...

do you guys think it had something to do with hooking up 2 drives on one line from the PSU? Or is the hard drive going bad?

I took the Seagate out and just left the Raptor in, and no beep was heard upon shutdown...then I put the Seagate in an external enclosure and it booted up fine and all the files were still on it...when i shut the external enclosure down I didn't hear a beep...

furthermore, i didn't know that hard drives beeped at all...

any help as to what's actually going on would be greatly appreciated...
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March 26, 2008 3:28:04 AM

You might get more help if you post in the computer hardware section.
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March 26, 2008 5:28:09 AM

Don't worry about that; I had this with a few HD's already and none of them died yet...
March 26, 2008 3:45:17 PM

thanks for the reply, that puts my mind at ease a little...

i didn't even know that HDs beeped at all, so i was surprised at the source of the sound...

any idea on why the drive just beeps only on shutdown? like i said, it doesn't do it in the external enclosure, but it did it in my system...could it be some kind of power issue?

an hx520 should be enough to run a stock 8800gt, stock e8400, 4 gigs RAM, 1 dvd drive and 6 fans (1 on the zerotherm CPU heatsink), right?

I mean, that should be a sufficient power supply, especially since I have done no overclocking, right?
April 25, 2008 9:07:39 PM

I have the beep as well, only mine is definitely the fan on the CPU cooler. The cooler is a CoolerMaster Hyper TX 2. I can unplug the fan (not putting power to the CPU when I do this), and the beep does not occur. Anyone have any ideas?

Edit: I didnt get this till I mounted the cooler sideways, and now that I look at it it looks like there there is some oil around the fan casing (maybe a bad bearing?).
June 5, 2008 2:15:52 AM

Hi laro6781;

Did you ever find out what the deal was with the oil on the fan?

I have the same thing, which I discovered after I had to take the machine apart because the TX 2 was started knocking against the fan housing.

Sitting on it's side, (heat pipe ends pointed up), it's silent again.

I get a loud beep just after coming back from standby - watching, I see it takes a LONG time for the TX 2 to spin up. Other fans connected to the motherboard come up much quicker, so I reckon the beep is just the BIOS panicking briefly.


June 5, 2008 12:15:46 PM

Hi Peter,

I called Cooler Master and they shipped me a new fan, and now the beep is gone. You are right though, the fan does take a long time to spool up. You may want to call CM and see if you can RMA a new fan.