ASUS PB5 VM / Corsair XMS2 4x2GB PC6400

I am considering updating my server

ASUS PB5 VM from W2K3 x86 3GB RAM to

W2K8 x64 STD and 8GB RAM.

My only concern and question is how well 8GB of RAM is supported within this board. The board states up to 8GB RAM DDR-800 of which the Corsair XMS2 4 x 2GB PC6400 would certainly qualify. I was wondering if anyone actually has 8 GB installed onto the motherboard I have or a link to info detailing such a setup. I did check the QVL from ASUS but that was less than useless as it contained no RAM chip on its compat list larger than 1 GB.

Anyway thanks in advance and and hopefully I posted enough detail. The links below are to the two products I am referring too.
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  1. The VM lines from ASUS are usually solid but with no bells n whistles. You will need to see if your chosen MOBO will allow you to adjust the RAM voltage up to 1.9v. If not, you need to buy memory that will run at 1.8v JEDEC stock voltage. The DHX line is a good choice for this if the board will not allow memory voltage adjustments as the C5 versions run at JEDEC stock voltages and timings.
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