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I built my first PC back in December. It's got really decent hardware and has been running fantastic until the last few days. Recently, internet explorer has been having problems loading webpages. Sometimes they pop right up, other times they take me refreshing it or opening it many times for it to actually open. I called Cox Communications, and they say they have me Ping their IP, and I only lose one packet out of 30. I have to hit refresh multiple times to get some pages to load, and it's beginning to get increasingly annoying. I have Defrag'd, I have done Disk Cleanup, Ad Aware...etc. World of Warcraft was disconnecting me several times last night during my raids. When I'm playing WoW today, I'm noticing little frame bugs...I will run and it kind of freezes for less than a second, which is also really annoying. I'm having a hard time figuring out if this is a hardware problem, or something wrong with my internet connection. I am able to download at 4500 Kb/s and Upload at 520 kb/s based off the tests the internet provider showed me how to conduct.

I have an ASUS SLI motherboard with a single 8800 GTX, Intel Duo Core that runs 3GZ, Western Dig Raptor 80G HD that runs very fast....this PC is really been a fun machine, and I have a hard time thinking it's the hardware since it's so new, but that's where I'm at. Can anyone give me any guidance?
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  1. Internet Explorer sucks right now... Every last computer in my house all have the same issue... regardless of where the machines are conneting to the internet. Something about IE just doens't seem to want to work so good. Since it is also happening to my fiancee's laptop which is XP, its not a Vista issue. I just keep waiting till they update again and hopefully fit it.

    I myself have issue with FireFox's "favorites" and "download" area... if they could make it so it uses the actual favorities file, and make it so I can decide each time exactly where to download things to... I would use them... and tell others to use them too. But I was not really a big fan when I used it last.

    Thus, I think we just have to wait till IE gets its stuff together and fixes their issues.
  2. I also keep getting disconnected from World of Warcraft while I play, and I also keep getting frame rate blips as well, so it is something with my connection...my ISP suggested I get a new modem, but I've had this one for about 7 years with 0 issues, could that really be the problem?
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