Want to install a new 1tb internal as a second HD

Hi -

My PC (homebuilt) conatins a 250 GB HD with 4 partitions. Naturally, I am almost out of space and wanted to add a new HD (1 tb - internal) as a second HD. Since I know very little outside of basic plug and play, I was hoping to get some general advice on what to avoid etc. I know almost nothing about RAID configurations and things like that but I use my PC mainly for entertainment (videos/audio/ games) and the internet.

1) Should my first HD (250 GB) be partioned? Different people tell me different things. I want to use the second (1 tb) drive to store all media and files, leaving the 1st HD for the system stuff. Will this make things faster?

2) Should I be partioning the second drive at all? If I have a paging file allocation on my current HD to help speed things up, should I have a similar paging file on the second one as well?

2) Would I just be able to plug in my new HD and install it? Since I have never installed a second HD before (only USB externals), are there things re: BIOS that I need to adjust?

I'm at work now, so unable to post my specs, but will do so soon.

Thanks a lot
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  1. Add the second hard drive hardware (data cable and power cable). Partition and format the new hard drive. Probably you want a NTFS primary partition. Change the letter if you like. You do not need to change the first hard drive.
    Put the paging file on the new hard drive or add an old IDE hard drive just for the paging file for better performance.
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