Building New Rig, Opinions on Final build, Please

New Rig, I think I got it now...Let me know what you think.

After initial suggestions of some of the good folks here and some research on recent announcements, I agree with the suggestions that bang for the buck right now is much better than building a leading edge system. If Nehalem were here today, then things might be different but this build should hold me over a year or so and buy me some relief from the price premiums the first Nehalem systems will demand.

Final System Build after Below Discussions:

MoBo: ASUS P5E LGA 775 Intel X38 ATX Intel Motherboard - $224

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Kentsfield 2.4GHz LGA 775 Quad-Core Processor - $255

GPUs: 1 PALiT GeForce 9600GT 512MB - (I'm going to wait for the same card in 1GB out soon). 512MB- $195

RAM: Patriot Viper 4GB(2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) - $125

HDDs: 4 Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 500GB 7200RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s (in RAID 5 config) - $440

OS: Vista 64bit (already have it)

DVD BURNER: ASUS 20X DVD±R DVD Burner with LightScribe Black SATA Model DRW-2014L1T - $40

Case/PSU: COOLER MASTER Stacker 830 ATX Full Tower / Real Power Pro 1000W PSU- $379 bundle.

Total Cost $1657

I am considering a much more expensive case and PSU combo. I willing to pay for the quality if its really good. This would last for a looong time so I might do it. But the combo above is such a good deal.. I'm on the fence.

ZALMAN Z-MACHINE GT1000-TATX Mid Tower Case - $400
ZALMAN ZM – 850 HP ATX12V / EPS12V 850W Power Supply - $220

I am not a gamer at all, but I use my PC 12hrs/day for many tasks. I have a real-time stock trading platform (2 real time apps), TV tuner/DVR, Development platform that includes video encoding and photoshop, RSS reader and usually 12 tabs open in IE among other things.

Of course this breaks my 6 year old XP machine all the time. I'm looking to get into a Rig that can handle this and give me some room for the future.

We are coming up on some stuff being released soon and I'd like to build a system that has a good bang for the buck but I won't shy away from something expensive if its good. This will be a 4 monitor (i plan to use my 2 existing displays till they die, than replace and add).

Max Budget is $3500 for the system (w/o adding monitors right now). Of course, if I can leave a little room it would be good so I can get one of the new monitors sooner.

Processor: I want to consider the lastest Quad Core CPUs. Right now that means the Intel QX9650. Anyone know if anything coming within the next 3/4 weeks. Obviously these are way expensive so I'll may have to make a call on this. I may OC it a bit, but not much. I'm looking for great performance and stability.

While I'll be doing a lot with with video, since I don't game, I don't need SLI. So, Is the nVidia platform (780i or the upcoming 790i) something I shouldn't consider at all? I'm partial to nVidia cards and I'll be looking for the specs on the upcoming 9800GX2 and whatever else they have on tap in the next month.

MoBo: Of course the MB will flow from Processor and Video but I want to make sure I end up with a solid performer and I like what I've read about ASUS boards. So I'll probably choose one from that lineup.

Memory: I'd like to stack this thing with 8GB of Ram since I'll be running Vista 64. I suppose I will max out at 1333 for now. I could do 4MB a lot cheaper so I may consider that for the short term.

Drive: WD Raptor 150 as primary drive, will add 2 Hitachi 1TB drives in RAID 1.

I'm looking for HDMI out which i could get on a board or on the GPU.

After I settle on these items, I'll do another round to figure out what case, PSU and other accessories I'll need.

Thanks for you comments.
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  1. apparently the seagate 7200.11 is better than the raptor, and comes as 500gb for like the same price.

    Processor: Get a Q6600 or Q9550

    Mobo: Asus P5E would be good for your budget...

    Video card: definitely a 9800gtx or gx2 when they're out, you've got the cash for it.

    Memory, 2 kits of Crucial 2x2gb DDR2-800.
  2. Drive: I see that the 7200.11 has higher capcity and throughput (3.0Gps vs 1.5Gbs) but isn't the real bottleneck on a HD the RPMs? I'm not worried about capacity since this drive will be primarily for the OS. I'll have two other 1TB drives for storage in Raid.

    Processor: It looks like you are steering me away from the [edit] 45nm [/edit] quad cores. Is the price/perf ratio that out of whack with the Quads right now?

    Memory: Sorta the same question with Memory. With the new proc, mem and Mobo able to support 1333 FSB, why not go for that, or is it that the price/perf ration is not worth it?

    Thanks for your comments...
  3. the Q6600 and Q9450 are both quads, just way cheaper than the one you wanted.

    atm, the best bang per buck processor out is the Q6600
  4. Sorry, I meant to add the word 'Yorksfield' or "45nm" to qualify that. I may be willing to pay the premium to be on the next gen platform. We'll see how this discussions goes.
  5. I think you can use OnBoardGraphics for 2 of your screens. if not, get a crossfire/SLI board, and don't set it to SLI/crossfire

    a 9800gx2 sounds like overkill for your uses

    you might want to consider a good Raid controler and run a Raid5 with 3 seagates may be quicker than you raptor/hitachi combo with virtualy the same storage and the same data security.

    I just picked up 4 gigs of corsair dominator 1066 for $150, minus a MIR. I don't think $300 for 8gigs would take a huge chunk out of your budget.

    its easy to get a q6600 now, and upgrade in 6 months to a year to a 45nm quad
  6. Hi Groo, thanks.
    That seems to be the issue for me... do it now or in 6 months. If I upgrade the proc in 6 months, I'll probably want to upgrade the memory to match and possibly be stuck with a MoBo that can't take that faster memory in 6 months.

    I usually don't like to mess with the computer once I've set it up, but I've done it before so it may make sense to go that route.

    Its nice that the people here are always focused on trying to save money and get the right price/performance ratio.

    Perhaps I should make two builds and just choose one based on my $$ pain threshold.

    I like your comment on Raid5 drives. That makes sense I think I'll do that with 4 drives to get the right balance of perf/security/storage space.
  7. You seriously want to spend over $1000 on a QX9650? :lol:

    You really, really don't need it. A $250 Q6600 will be more than enough to handle your applications, even more so with a minor OC. I have used a Q6600 for over a year.

    Pick a budget and try to stick to it. But remember that when building a computer it's very easy to waste thousands of dollars on things you don't need. Example: a non gamer buying a QX9650, maybe with 3 8800GTX's in 3-way SLI.

    I have a QX9650 and love it, but when I have multiple multimedia applications open along with multiple browser windows, my processor use never goes above 9% (!!). Right now, I'm running 12 tabs, iTunes, and my music production hardware/software/drivers. I kid you not, my CPU usage is fluxuating from 2 to 3%, hittting 4 or 5% once every couple of minutes.. And that's stock speeds.

    To be truthful, I really haven't found an application that requires it yet, and I don't think I will for a good while. I'm happy to have it, no doubt, but I paid a $800 price premium on top of the Q6600 to get it.
  8. don't buy now if you want to perform a mobo upgrade in 6 months... there's a new intel CPU coming that will require a new mobo, so you may as well save for that.
  9. Thanks res,
    That's good to know. I constantly bring my system to a stand still with the number of Apps I run (some of them are pigs). So I want to be sure about my overhead room as I will be running more demanding apps (TV/DVR out over hdmi, Video encoding in HD and compiler) in addtion to what I do now (two real time stock trading platforms + and various other apps).
    Thanks for your strong opinions on this. I agree on the GPU, I dont need to do SLI so I should go mid range.

    Thanks amd,
    I assume your talking about Nehalem. I would like to wait for that but I don't think I can. Its probably still 6 months out and it will be a premium then...
  10. then get a board that can support a wlofdale or or yorkfield processor
  11. I've updated the Original Post to reflect some changes in my thinking based on all of your feedback.
    Please let me know what you think of my latest build. I'm going more for bang for the buck than leading edge so the budget has gone down.
  12. That power supply is beyond overkill for what you need to do. Your processor and video card should be the most power hungry components in your system. You're only running one mid-range GPU, and even if you upgrade your CPU later, the newer 45nm chips will use less power than your 65nm Q6600. If the load is significantly lower than its max output, the PSU isn't going to be working very efficiently and you'll just be wasting electricity.

    I would recommend getting something like the Antec P182 with Corsair 550VX. Or you can step up to the Corsair 620HX for some modular cabling.
  13. your mobo link is wrong

    I've heard several time, especaily with RAID 5, that onboard controlers cut corners and cost performance. because they use software to controle the RAID. consider geting a seperate discrete Raid card. its not like your hurting for expansion slots.

    maybe some of the new onboards are better, but its worth researching first.

    maybe something like this (unfortunatly its PCIe x4):
  14. Thanks Oushi,
    I realize the PSU is overkill for now. But my assumption is that I can re-use a PSU like this when I build a new system in a year or so. I'll do some more research on this issue and look at the Corsair too.
  15. Thanks groo,
    I fixed the link in the OP.
    I'll look at discrete RAID cards since thats a critical part of the system.
  16. Looks good. You might want to switch PSU to a Corsair 520/620 or a PP&C 620 or better.
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