HYBRID SLI is here 780a

i've just finished reading tom's article about the 780a.wow hybrid SLi works!.... but sadly the reviewer wasnt able to show hi-end cards doing hybrid SLi.. i mean its pointless using trash cards (8400,8500) on a new mobo like this one.

my question is, does anybody know if we'll have something like this that will use c2d's? will there be a cheaper 780a am2+ version? cause im thinking of giving my x2 4000+ +8600gt combo 1 last hurrah and the price @ newegg doesnt work for me @ $260. (from where i come from im expecting it to hit $280-$300.
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  1. ummm you will find hybrid is only supported on lower end NVIDIA cards... for higher end it would be pointless as the onboard working with a high end card would likely make it slower as in AFR the highend card would have the frame complete while it was waiting for the frame from the onboard. So NVIDIA dont have it enabled in the driver.
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