Crossfire Question.

Yes I'm new to the Toms Hardware Forums but I have a question about Crossfire X.
I just built a Spider PC And I wanted you if you can mix different GPUs together in crossfire.
Like I am about to get a 3870 to hold me over untill the 4870X2 comes out.
But will I be able to crossfire my 3870 with the 4870x2 to get tri crossfire?

Any info would be great.

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  1. Yep they should work together fine, there should be a chart showing this on AMD's Spider/Gamer site I think.

    Although I'm not entirely sure if CrossfireX has solved the past issue where the faster card would slow itself down to run at the slower cards speed?
  2. From what I read you won't be able to crossfire 4870 and 3870 cards, but you will be able to do 4850 and 3870 cards. I guess time will tell though.
  3. Hey Thanks, I hear that the 4850 will be really fast too, but the 4870 will be crazy.
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