I need help to make duel os

ok i have a 2 hdd computer 1 formated with xp (defalt os) and 1 formated with 98 (set as slave)
i want my computer to be a duel os. i went into control panle>system properties>advanced startup>and recovery>settings and set the time to display the list of operating systems to 180seconds. when i restart my computer it dose not show this list and back in control panle>system properties>advanced startup>and recovery>settings there is a drop down box to set defalt os if one is not chosen it is not showing 98 os
i heard some were that i needed to set both hdd to master but it seems like that might cause problems so i wanted a second opinyin on this
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  1. Do you have both operating systems configured in Boot.ini
  2. The best way is to go in the bios and change the boot order each time for the OS system you want to boot. The other drive will appear as a data drive except Windows 98 will not be able to see a NTFS partition.
    On some computers you press F8 or F11 to access the boot menu.
  3. Install GAG (graphical boot manager) it should be able to boot both of your windows versions. Its a bootable ISO.
  4. depending on what OS' you want to use, the time to display OS screen settings are in the BIOS. when I set up a dual OS on my computer, it was XP and Ubuntu. I changed the time myself to 60 seconds, to give me time to choose the OS I wanted and the settings were in the BIOS.
  5. I suggest you buy a dictionary
  6. You should always install oldest OS first . Also note the booting for these two OS's if want to use dual boot and windows boot manager will be done from the first drive despite installing OS on 2 different drives.

    As commented this is defined in the Boot.ini file on the first drive. Most windows and DOS versions have strict limitations on where boot initiates from.

    If you want the two to be completely independent you will need a third party boot manager that will usually create it's own mini partition that it then controls boot locations from. The advantage of this is that if you cahnge one drive you will be able to enable or rediscover the other drives OS.

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    I would suggest GRUB4DOS. should be easy to configure in your system. Just install it. Add it in the boot.ini and then make a menu.lst fine on the primary HD telling it what is where.
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