front-side audio header: seven connectors, 5 pins

Hi all. I have a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L and a Coolermaster Elite 300 case.

For the front panel AC97 audio, I have a line running out of the case with seven connectors, but the manual for the motherboard gives only five pins to be used for AC97 on the front panel audio header (1 for mic, 2 for ground, 3 for mic power, 5 for line out right, and 9 for line out left).

From the case, I have two connectors that read "OUT-L" and two that read "OUT-R." The OUT-L are both on an orange wire, the OUT-L both on a brown.

Does anyone know why the two extra connectors are present, or which two of the four I can connect to the header?
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  1. OUT-L OUT-R are doubled for boards that require "loopback" back panel line out connections.
    Check this link for details :

    A standard F_AUDIO connector has 10-1 pins. Remove jumpers if you have to.
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