help pc restarts in graphic intesive games

My computer keeps restarting in crysis and warhead whenever i overclock my q6600 go above 2.8 gig
I have tried bothe the 8 and 9 seting on multiplyer
I am also leaving the voltage at stock 1.28i have changed voltage upwards to the 1.45 range but just speeds up the restart There is a vdroop but have tried comensating to no avail.

I have tried a multiple amount of setings but have only ever changed the ram voltage to no higher that 2.08 and the cpu to 1.45. No other voltage areas were changed as im quite new to this overclocking lark

Im guessing its the trust 570 w psu i have not supplying power. I cant tell you the railing measurments as they are not present on the p supply or the trust web site or the internet (search of 2 hours) am beginer when it comes to rails and knew this psu was gamble

apart from a hot gpu, non of the other componants are overheating but i only check this throught speed fan

This is my system
Q6600 the go version with a half decent non stock fan.
gigabyte EP45 DS3R
gcube 4850
ocz Reaper 1066 ram
trust 570w psu

I bought all these parts with the hope of geting 3gig out of my q6600 so any help or advice would be cool.
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  1. If you can't find out the specs of your PSU, then it is probably something they are not proud of.
    Under load, a vga card will need and draw more power.
    Pick a tier 1 or 2 psu from this list:

    Are you prime95 stable for a good while on the overclock? If yes, then the problem is likely the PSU powering the VGA card.
    If you are not stable, then back off the overclock. You may have been unlucky with your chip or the stepping.
  2. had prime time runing for 6 hours with no problems. So will replace psu.

    Does the cpu also need to draw power from psu in the same way as a gpu
    even without changung settings in motherboard

    Thanks for the reply
  3. The cpu power increases, but it is much less than the vga card increase.

    Are your vga drivers up to date? Sometimes an update will fix things.

    It is always possible that the vga card is defective. Does the vga fan speed up under load? It should to keep things cool.

    Regardless, a quality psu is probably a good investment.
  4. I suggest getting an aftermarket cooler if you're going to be overclocking. It helps to get a more stable overclock if you have lower temps. This cooler is a good bang for the buck:
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