I think something is wrong

I just picked up an m2a-vm and it boots up good. Problem is Im running 2 sticks of 1gig Corsair ram atm, I tried 2 of Buffalo ram. When I place them in bank 1 the yellows or in the Black ones I get beeps and no boot. If place 1 in a yellow slot and 1 in a black slot it boots up no beeps. CPUz tells me 2 gigs of ram single channel . Is this right or am I doing something wrong.
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  1. I searched around and ended up updating the BIOS, its still kinda doing the same cept its not giving a signal to my display.
  2. If it's a set of 2 sticks, it should be dual channel. Try each stick in each slot, set up bios (up vdimm), then install the rest.

    After bios update, you should clear cmos & load defaults.
  3. Read your mobo manual to determine which slots dictate dual channel.
  4. Did you set the right voltage to the memory in the Bios when you could boot up?
    Try again putting them in the yellow or black slots.
  5. Are you using DDR2-800?

    The Buffalo memory may be incompatible. Check your vendor's qualified list of compatible memory.
  6. I have that MoBo. 2 of them in fact. One is running Mushkin 2X1gig DDR2 800 and the other is running some off brand DDR2 667. Niether give me any problems. Tell me more about your ram. Are they matched? For matched sticks, you should populate the first two (yellow) slots first. This would yeild a duel channel mode.
    Also, what CPU you using?
  7. I gave it, after flashing the bios i lost my vid card dead. I returned the mobo and vid. I picked a Gigabyte GA-m57sli-s4 and an XFX 8800 Gs Alpha Dog Edition card. I jumped into COD4 for a sec (no sound) and the grafix looked sweet.

    Im happy now

    The ram was matched it was a 2 gig kit corsair
  8. Ah, you have the same motherboard I've got...very nice board for the price.
  9. yeah think i paid 90 bucks at microcenter. I shouldve gotten this one first,
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