A8N-E kill the internet connection of my cable modem...

I'm having problem after I changed one of my system's Mb to ASUS A8n-E recently.

It took me few hours to figure out that the A8N-E's nic kill my cable modem once it's on. The cable modem goes blink and lost the connection with my ISP after I turned on this pc. But the communication between my pcs is just fine. I only lost my internet connection. I'm behind DLINK DIR655 router. It lost the WAN connection once the A8n-e is working.

This is very frustrated to me and wondering why??? Is it a dead NIC? (It works within the LAN.) or cable??

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  1. I'm replying to myself. :pt1cable:

    It's the PSU causing the problem because I left it outside the case. There is some kind of interference between the router, cable modem and the PSU. I'm putting them together into a case to see what happens.
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