How to change 64 bit to 32 bit windows vista?

How to change 64-bit to 32-bit on Windows Vista?

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  1. You need to perform a clean install.
  2. What do mean clean install? Do I need to reinstall Windows Vista?
  3. Yes and it needs to be formatted then installed with the disc.Why do you want to change to 32 bit?
  4. You will need Vista 32 bit install disc.
  5. If I install the 32-bit disc, will my previous installation be changed or will my previous files compromised?
  6. To change from 64 to 32 bit you have to format the drive so all your files will be lost.So you will need to backup what you want saved.
  7. 64 bit OS's are backwards compatible. Unless you have driver issues, move on.
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