Which CPU cooler fits Cosmos S 1100 ?

Hi all,
I am hoping somebody who actually has this CoolerMaster Case can tell me what CPU cooler they used? That huge fan on the side door makes clearance issues a factor and a lot of the aftermarket CPU coolers may be too tall to fit the case.

I'm looking for feedback (hopefully a few pics) from anybody who has the new Cosmos S 1100 case.

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  1. Is this the cosmos S?

    I looked into this myself, I found on the CoolerMaster site that cpu coolers of less than 145mm should be used if you want to keep using the side fan.
  2. Yeah this is the Cosmos S. I looked on the site and couldnt find a spec for fan size. Can you link me to where you saw 145 mm?
  3. http://www.coolermaster.com/products/product.php?language=en&act=detail&tbcate=17&id=3947

    at the bottom, next to other , quote :
    Keep-out requirement for CPU cooler installation:,
    At least 5.7 inch(145mm) separation between motherboard and the side panel of COSMOS S

    I think this means the CPU cooler can be up to 145mm high?
    So a Zalman 9700 with 142mm should fit.

    I'm still hesitating between this case and the Antec 1200 that will be available next week. I'm finally ordering my new rig as soon as I can order EVGA 9800GTX SSC. Hopefully the 9900GTX will be available within 3 months so I can use their step up program. The site I'll order from should have them as of the 26th this month.
    If the Antec twelve hunderd is available by then I think I'll get the antec because it will be cheaper and cooler according to Hexus review.
    But I prefer the look and side fan of the Cosmos S.
  4. Well I got my parts, tjoepie, and I laid the mobo and cooler inside the case (didnt put the cpu on yet) and closed it up.I still have some clearance so it looks like the Zalman CNPS9700 fits just fine :)

    My only complaint on the Cosmos so far is the damned side door is really impossible to get on/off. Maybe mine was tooled poorly but i kid you not, everytime I try to close it up it takes me a good 10 minutes of shifting, cursing, moving it around and an occasional tool is thrown now and then.

    When the door finally goes on, I never know quite why it finally worked. I've taken it off/on about 3 or 4 times and it's the same thing each time. Once I assemble it I hope not to have to open it again often!
  5. Ok tnx for the info, good luck !
  6. Bump!

    I have a Cosmos S chassis and had to take out the side fan to fit my Noctua NH-U12P cooler, checked out the site and found that they are creating a revision to the case that will fix this problem and that those (in NA) that bought the first version can order the revised side door when it ships in May. I sent them an email and hopefully they'll put me on the list and I'll get that side fan up and running before the hot summer weather hits.

    As for the side doors being a pain to take on and off you're not alone, it doesn't quite take me 10 minutes but you have to line them up just right and use a decent amount of force to get them in there, my wife always thinks I'm breaking the case when I do it (horrible sound). It has become easier each time I've done it however and so I hope yours will to.
  7. agreed. I am finding it easier although still not a joy to do. Also, the front side doors that close over the front grilles are cheap as hell. The left one already has a defective plastic clasp which means I can't close the door all the way. It's not a huge deal and I am going to just snap it off and let the door push close without latching (because I have no choice) but I find it irritating that a $250 case is made so poorly.

    I would not buy this case again, I think.
  8. I have the same problem. My stupid self didn't realize the OCZ Vendetta 2 I ordered to replace my broken Thermaltake V1 was too tall for the side fan. Can you please give me more info on this replacement part you are talking about? I need that air flow bad to help my 680i woes.

    I don't agree with you guys about the doors. I the only problem I had was with the right side panel bc I had the SATA cable running to the top panel set over the top metal cross bar instead of underneath it. Made it hard to close, but now it snaps into place like butter. I barley have to apply any pressure to close either side. The only thing is you have to make sure you line it up right before seating it in the hinge.
  9. Say no to the Zalman 9700, it is quiet but does not cool well. Say hello to the Zerotherm BT92 OC Edition, it cools much better will definately fit and is not unreasonably priced like all Zalman coolers, but is not totally silent.

  10. Cooler Master Cosmos S 1100 + Thermalright IFX-14

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  11. This thread is from last April. I think it is a safe bet the OP already has a cpu heatsink.
  12. Absolutely no no information on cause of the installation Thermalright IFX-14 in Cosmos S 1100

    I think my event first
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