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Hello,I am having a problem with my HP c3150 all in one printer. When I get to the point where it says to connect the printer I do so and it does not seem to see that I have connected it. I know my usb ports are good and so is the cord i am using. I have had this same printer installed at one time and it just seemed to quit working only on my machine. I have installed it on someone else machine and it worked just fine. I am using XP pro I'm not sure what service pack but my updates are current. can someone help. I'm at my wits end with this thing and can not afford to replace the printer or machine.
V Brown
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  1. Click:

    Start>Settings>Printers and Faxes>
    Right-Click your printer, select Properties
    Click "Ports" tab.
    A list of ports will appear. One port will be checked for your printer to use.
    Your printer should be using the "USB001 Virtual printer port for USB" (and your printer listed in same row).
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