Monitor discussions, I'm a little lost!

Right, have just been reading about various 'what monitor' and 'which graphics card' threads and am a little lost over some of the information that has been provided regarding screen size...
I am currently running a 17" LCD monitor, max res 1280x1024, as you can imagine with my spec I am masively restricted by this so am looking at new monitors (well systemlord has recommended me a beauty! Thanks :D ).
The one I have been recommended is a BenQ 24" G2400W with a max res of 1920x1200. I'm sure i'm not going to have any problems running pretty much any game at full res with all (or some in the case of crysis :lol: ) the eye candy.
Am I going to need AA at that sort of res?
Surely with that much extra monitor and the extra res, I should be seeing everything at the same aspect as my 17", other than the fact it will be widescreen..?
Anyone care to enlighten me :)
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  1. I dont know your current monitors panel but the first 17" LCD Ive found at 1280x1024 has a pixel pitch of 0.264 your new benq is 0.270, Depends on personal tastes if you need AA on your current monitor you will certainly need it on the new one, as its got bigger native pixels! The difference however is not the largest difference out there.
  2. It's an Acer 17", but off the top of my head I can't remember the product code. I guess I had just (naively) assumed pixel pitch would probably be the same, so the fact there would be that much more screen would be offset by the far higher resolution. I haven't ever bothered running (or trying) different amounts of AA. I just crank it up and play :)
    I guess when I get this new monitor I'll just need to try it and see. Certainly looks like a nice monitor though, I can't wait! :D
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