Is it safe to overclock the already OC'd 8600GT Sonic+ which

I have a Palit 8600GT Sonic+ which is 19% oc'd.

Im saving up for a HD4850 IceQ4 TurboX so in the meantime I will try overclocking this card...

Last night I left it at

702mhz Core Clock

1500mhz Shader Clock

900(1800)mhz Mem Clock

So far no artifacts. I tried to OC it to the clocks of a GTS but I got artifacts..

Is this card safe to OC even just a little bit more than what I have already done.. I used RivaTuner and Im on the latest drivers from nvidia.. Any tips on OCing this card will be appreciated ..thanks.
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  1. never overclocked but from what i read if u get arti. means ur at its peak so just clock it below its limit if its more than what it is already pre clocked....
  2. Hey Captainoats –

    VoodooDan from HP here. First off, it has to be said that overclocking is inherently not that safe – so you definitely do so at your own risk. However, it is relatively safe to overclock with just a frequency increase. You run into danger if you start applying more voltage to components to push them even further. Essentially, once you hit artefacts or instability, you’ve peaked. Each chip is a bit different than the next, so you have to find your own ceiling.
  3. I have a factory OC'd palit 7600GS Sonic which i OC'd 50% without any fan speed changes and it's plastic (by the looks of it, WTF!) heatsink! pot luck?
  4. Hey V3NOM –
    What temp is the card running at with that oc?
  5. 45-50 C idle, 60C max load.
  6. Nice! That temperature is low, my stock 4870 x2 runs about 65c. I'd say you probably still have headroom as far as temperature goes.
  7. haha yeah but whenever i go about 20mhz above what i have it now, it crashes. lack of voltage? i think so... love the DDR3 on it though! i mean 3 generations later and nvidia is still using GDDR3?? btw, most 7600GS's use ddr2 so..

    LOVE U PALIT! if only there was a pencil mod lol
  8. There are instructions out there on a pencil mod for that card, but you do so at your own risk. Of course, your warranty becomes void and I always caution folks about voltage. Crashing due to too high a freq or getting artifacts when you hit the limit of your card is one thing, but frying the board due to too much voltage is another. You seem to have a good chip with that temperature. I say count yourself lucky and run as is.
  9. nope. i googled around and got a couple for 7600GS's, but they were reference designs using ddr2 unlike this so..
  10. I found this and thought it might be helpful: Unless I’m reading it wrong, it’s with DDR3.
  11. im not believing u got a 50% oc on ur 7600GS i know enough to know that thats bs, on stock cooling, stock fan speed....MAYBE LN2, but thats crap that means the 400mhz core(i think) u got 600mhz, BS buddy!!!!
  12. ORLY?

    says a "newbie".
  13. ^have a look at the default clocks at the bottom then the oc'd ones above

    tell me that isn't ****.

    oh btw, that's already overclocked from reference, being the Sonic model :D
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