Raid 1 failure but only old data left on remaining drive

I have setup raid 1 on my Fedora 10 box for data on a silicon image SiI 3112a pci card. I boot from a different raid 1 setup on another pci card.

I also have a LVG on the raid 1 data drive array. All partitions are formatted as ext3.

Recently I experienced a failure on one of my raid 1 data drives (each drive is 320GB). I removed the drive and booted back into my system and mounted the remaining drive as just a SATA drive. To my surprise the data I saw was was around 5 months old. For example the directory structure was old (I had deleted a number of folders ages ago that now reappear) and my accounting data file is last modified 5 months ago when I was using it last week.

Is there any explanation for this? Can the raid card be using some different file addressing structure that is not available when mounted non raid 1?

This is very scary as I will miss the last 5 months of data severely.
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  1. Wow...never heard of that one before...The only thing I can think of is that particular drive failed 5 months ago, and now your 2nd one is dead. That's pretty silly, as I'm sure you would have noticed before now. Other than that, some sort of consistency issue. I'm not a linux guy, so I'm not much help....figured I'de give you a bump anyhow...
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