Best MB for overclocking q6600?

1) Priority! I recently i've got a freebie MB. it's a 650i chipset, but it doesnt allow me to overclock q6600. I read some of the threads and some people say DS3L, other say DS3R, and some are just plan joke P5K-.- I'm looking for the easiest one for overclock. My expectation is to get a little over 3.0ghz specifically for game. I'm currently using ddr800, but I also have ddr1066. Even other MB I like to hear, plz give me some reason.

2) I have artic silver 5; however i have a stock heatsink. Therefore, I plan to get a new heat sink which most likely be Sunbeam, but I like to know what you gentleman thinks. again plz give me the name and reason.

3)lastly, I like to have an option for SLI, but I dont have to have it. I noticed that DS3L donesnt have SLI option, so I like to know your opinion.

again I'm a novice in MB, so all the experts suggestion would be helpful.
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  1. I heard the EVGA 780i actually is a good choice when overclocking. But to be honest, nvidia chipset sucks balls compared to the intel one at overclocking. If you really want to be able to go SLI the EVGA 780i is probably your best choice.
  2. Yes, I heard that Nvidia chipset have some problem. I like the option of easiness and stable, any suggestion?
  3. I have a 650i chipset board and have overclocked my q6600 on it, but it wasn't easy. I'd say the DS3L would be a good choice, low price, solid overclocker (you're not going for an insane overclock, so the DS3L should be just fine).
  4. any other similar option that has SLi and not nvidia?
  5. magicbullet said:
    any other similar option that has SLi and not nvidia?

    The only non-Nvidia board that support sli is the extreme high end dual cpu Skulltrial, supporting both cf ans sli, including quad cf/sli. But it'll run you $600.

    High end Intel boards for the i7 will support sli, but it won't work with existing Kentsfield/Yorkfield quads.

    780i is good enough to hit 1600mhz fsb, which translates to 3.6ghz for q6600(9x multiplier). It won't be enough for newer Yorkfield 45nm quads though, since they use lower multipliers. Q8200, for example, use 7x, which is only 2.8ghz at the same 1600mhz fsb.
  6. You can do 3ghz on the 650i. I have the same chip set at 3.6ghz 24/7. Might need some extra volts to the Vcore and NB and a good air cooler, but its totally doable...make sure you have good dimms runnin too. No need to spend the extra money. :D
  7. ty dagger and unscrupulous. i think i will go with ds3l and scarify the SLi option.
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