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Get rid of Google Updater in Vista and XP?


There is a process called GoogleUpdater.xee I cannot get rid of. Can anyone tell me how?

I think I need a complete re-install.

I have Windows Vista Home Premium 32 and 64-bit. I also have Windows XP Home Premium 32-bit.

When I was in XP I uninstalled the Google Earth plug-in. But that stupid process STILL starts up after I disabled it numerous times and uninstalled the plug-in.

This process is a COMPLETE hassle when I boot up the computer, for a while after and randomly when it starts to conflict with my mouse pointer, jeyboard, wireless mouse and keyboard, programs, logging onto the internet, installing or uninstalling programs, etc.

Thank you.
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  1. U can prohibit it from starting up. Just deselect it.

  2. To get there, click on the Run ->> paste in msconfig ->> and select Start up ->> deselect ->> Apply + OK
  3. I try not to use msconfig unless I have to. I've had problems with it before.

    Is there a way to uninstall it? Is there a way to find out where it is or which program installed it? I did uninstall the google earth plug-in with it's uninstall tool not add/remove programs in XP.
  4. Than go to services.msc ?(and disable automatic start up to manual) or use CCleaner.
  5. U can try to remove it from the installer : )
  6. "Than go to services.msc ?(and disable automatic start up to manual) or use CCleaner. " I did the services.msc. It's disabled. There is two for some reason.

    I can't see anything google related in the installer. Do you mean add/remove programs? There is nothing left from what I can see.
  7. Do it this way.... BTW, did u find the right column?

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    CCleaner 3.17.1689
    Piriform - 3.48MB (Freeware)
  9. Would you recommend deleting it? I jsut want to find out what it might be associated with.
  10. Just disable it from startup.
    It installs with any google product,chrome,picasa,google earth etc.
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  12. Yes ^, just Disable.

    If u select Delete, u will not see it in that CCleaner list anymore, but it will keep running.

    So select Disable, it will stop it from starting up : )
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