Building a new 9800gx2 quad sli or 9800gtx 3-way sli gaming rig

Hi everyone!!! I m a newbie.......
I am building a monstrous gaming rig perfect for the Dell 30in monitor!!!
I m gonna order almost all parts from US!!!

Components ordering from US:
-Intel Core2 quad QX9650
-9800gx2 quad sli or 9800gtx tri sli cards (when they become available)
-Asus Striker formula II 780i(the only 780i mob available for shippin worldwide on ebay)
I've read a lot of people complaining for this board..........any better suggestions? or is this alright?
-Case other than coolermaster and antec are there any others with sleeker design? will it comply with my quad sli or tri sli requirement? Or if there are sleeker cases available, plz name them........How abt silverstone tj07?

I need your help as to what psu would b perfect for quad or tri sli+cooling requirements...plz see this link and tell.....

About Ram, i wanted to ask whether "dual channel" and "low latency" ram is worth it and where to find such Ram.......i want to have 4gigs of ram in total. And wat is sli ready memory?

About hd, will raid 0 be better or simply the western digital 10,000rpm 150gb
I will b goin for 64-bit vista ultimate ...........

And about cooling, wat are the best cooling solutions out there for quad or tri sli?

You see this is the first time i m concentrating on details of the components for getting a pc buildup done...
so i dont kno that much...........
Also i hope with this config. i will b able to run Crysis at full 2500x1600 resolution at high settings atleast :pt1cable:
Thanks in advance for your great answers/suggestions!!! :)
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  1. Not sure if that will even be able to play Crysis with high settings at that resolutions. The game isn't that great anyway.
  2. ok, lets not care abt that game.............
    atleast there are still hugely better games out there!
    thasnks for ur reply, San!!!
  3. Drop the QX9650. Not worth it for the money. You can overclock a Q6600 to 3.2 GHz (cake with a decent cooler) and get nearly the same performance as a QX9770.

    As far as a case, I would check out the Cooler Master Stacker case series. I believe those would fit a tri-SLI setup with relative ease.

    For a PSU I would buy the Corsair 750TX.
  4. Thanks for your reply, deadboots!

    Actually I dont know how to overclock though yes i can get it done by someone, but I'm a bit confused as to why QX is called extreme when u could overclock q6600!!

    Anyways, your suggestion sure will save my money!!!
  5. because when you overclock the Q6600, you have to do so by changing the FSB, whereas by

    pretty much nay chip can be overclocked.

    by the way, the 9800GX2 is out, go forth and get 2, but be aware the driver for Quad SLI isn't working yet, apparently... You could do a Frankenstein and use a second power supply to power the graphics cards...
  6. A second Psu? Is there no other option? I mean just one psu of 1000w with required pins connectors for quad sli?
  7. A second Psu? Is there no other option? I mean cant there be just one psu of 1000w with required pins connectors for quad sli?
  8. If is for gaming and no video encoding, or audio encoding, I will drop QX9650 and get e8400 instead. E8400 performs faster than a q6600 and QX9650.
  9. Yes, dual channel and low latency ram is worth it (though I don't know what good ram isn't dual channel). Just get a nice 2x2GB set from a good manufacturer (like Corsair or one of the many others).

    You could do Tri-SLI for less that Quad-SLI, the cards could be cooled better in Tri-SLI (nVidia's cooling for the GX2 looks horrible. Most of the air is dumped back in the case).

    The GX2 was mainly a thrown together card to beat the 3870X2. Do yourself a favor and wait for nVidia's true top of the line solution, 3x9800GTX.
  10. Thanks for your reply, EXT64 and rickpcnerd.........
    I was wondering now out of low latency DDR2 RAM and DDR3 Ram , which one is better.......
    and rickpcnerd i m goin for QX9650 bcuz I think support for quad core will eventually b there in future concerning games........
  11. don't get ddr3 because the board you want doesn't support it, also it wouldn't help you much, and it'll cost you houndreds of dollars more. you could get some very nice low latency ddr2 for a fraction of the cost. ram listed as sli ready has some even tighter timings than what's listed as it's rated speed, but the timings are only readable by certain nvidia chipsets (your 780i is one of them).
    also i agree with rickpcnerd, you'd be better off with an e8400, and overclock the hell out of it, then replace it with a quad core chip like a year down the road when 4ghz doesn't seem as insanely fast anymore
  12. you might want an e8400 now, and upgrade to Intel Quads Nehalem by the end of this year, by that time there will be more games supporting quads, for now are only few games, but really doesnt make much of a difference, duals still wins.
  13. good suggestion rickpcnerd........
    u kno i kno nothin abt cooling , plz advice me what shud i get for cooling these cards..?(9800gx2 quad sli)
  14. i probably m gonna have a similar setup as of this guy,

    Intel QX6850 4.5GHz @ -40c || EVGA 790i Ultra SLI || EVGA 9800GX2 Quad SLI || G.Skill 4GB 1640MHz CL7 || 150GB RaptorX || Plextor 716 SATA || TT 1.2KW w/ 12 Gauge Cable || Silverstone TJ07 || Sennheiser HD595 w/ iBasso T2 Amp || Dell 2407FPW || Vista Ultimate x64
    3DMARK⁰⁶ 21,950
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