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Hi guys

I had a little problem with Interweb so this may be a double post.

Anyway, I will try to be brief...

I have a Asus 7900gt with no overcloking or anything like that. Temperatures are low 32C/55C and my system temps are all low. My CPU is a 3800 X2 at normal speed. Anyway...

I have had the card for 18 months and its always been a bit of a pain in the *&^. The problem is artifacting, texture rendering problems etc. This is mostly in games, which I dont do very much.

The problem has now become worse. When I boot I get about 10 "pixels" which are red green or blue. These stay in the POST screen, the windows XP logo and then are in the desktop. The "pixels" vary in size depending on the resolution of the display. In the POST they are about 5*5 monitor pixels.

They dont go away with...

- more cooling
- newer/older drivers
- no nVid drivers
- safe mode

etc etc

My questions is this..

As they are appearing in the POST does this mean its most likely a hardware issue. I dont know much about GPU's but I remeber being told that PCI-E cards have a basic chip that deals with POST/STartup before themain core deals with games etc? I could well be wrong.

I have no friends that have a PCI-E pc so cant check.

Any idea?

PS. I tried undercloking and no change what so ever.


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  1. u sure those dead pixels are not the monitors dead pixels, or lazy pixels?
  2. no, they move about the place and there is prob about 20/30 in total.

    thay also come up on screen-print. and on multiple monitors.

    I would post a screen-print from the POST but cant do it. could take a pic i guess... will do that in a minute
  3. RMA the card, sounds like the ram is bad on it.
  4. Where did the 7900GT come from? did you get it used or did you have it and this just started to happen. Sounds like the memory is going bad. This is what happens in cards when you clock the memory to high. I have a feeling it may be going bad at stock rates.
  5. Those symptoms may come from insufficient power.
    1) Is the 6 pin pci-e power connector good and plugged in properly?
    2) Is there a place on the mobo to plug in a 4 pin molex auxiliary power lead? Some mobo's use this to give the pci-e slot the full 75w that it can deliver, and that your card needs.

    Otherwise, I think it is rma time.
  6. Some of the 7900gt's were notorious for having bad ram. Could be it
  7. Hi guys, sorry for the delay I was having a look at the power to the card and all looks well.

    The card came new from scan.co.uk and I have never OC'd any of my components.

    I am going to double check the power again as you guys suggested. Would it help it i was to unplug stuff? Like fans, cd drive etc?

    Thanks for your help so far

  8. I had similar issues with my sons X1900GT but could test it in my computer to check on power or card issues and since it brought all the problems with it, it is now being RMA´d although it is 18 months old. thank god for 2 year warranty.
  9. I would return the card. I think it's got some bad ram. How old is it?
  10. Hi, sorry only just got back from work :-)

    The card is 18 months old and comes with a 3 year warranty. Which I didnt know, the retailer told me, which is nice!

    Only problem is that I need the PC a lot at the moment and would hate to send it back and to have no fault found.

    Last night I unplugged all fans, cd's, spare HD and anything else I could find and gave the card a spin in a game, and still probelms.

    Am I right in thinking that if this happens in POST it cant be a driver issue?

    Should I try to update the cards BIOS?

    Thank for helping guys, its super nice of you

  11. I don't believe the drivers would give a snow artifact (I call it snow cause its dots on the screen) I would return it to be honest. Maybe the manufacturer will send a replacement and you send the broken card back. Not sure how they operate.
  12. Rma the card, pick up a cheap old card for $5 that fits your mobo slot (AGP or PCi, or e) to use in the meantime. You can't game on a 16 mb tnt card, but you can surf the web and email!

    I keep a 16 mb PCi card laying around for that very reason.
  13. damn good idea that!

    going to get a spare card now, and ship on monday

    will let you know how it goes

    thanks for the help guys!
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