Can GA-P35-DS3L wake up from S3 by USB keyboard???

Hi, All,

I'd like to buy this board (or its replacement GA-EP35-DS3L). I want to know if the system gets into S3
standby mode, can I wake it up by pressing a key
on the connected USB keyboard? It will be running
window XP pro SP2 with a Logitech wireless keyboard.

Thanks a lot.

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  1. No one knows? How about its other similar boards like ...DS3R?
  2. I don't have the board but I would say yes as most newer boards are capable of it.
  3. I'm using a GA-P35DSL rev.2 in my HTPC with Vista. I'm using this in an "always on" setup and it is waking up with usb connected microsoft wireless entertainer keyboard.
  4. I got reply back from Gigabytes saying that the board will not wake up from S3
    using USB keyboard.

    So, my question to No1sFanboy: are you using S3 standby (no fan running) or S1
    standby mode (PS fan running)?

    I guess I will skip this board since I am using Logitech wireless usb keyboard and
    it is quite inconvenient to always hit the button on the case to wake up the system.


  5. Sorry for the slow response, work, then work at home, then homework (with my son),......Monday.

    I'm in S3 (sleep). Hard drive silent, power light out, no fans spinning etc. Just to verify I was not in standby because of some running process I manually put it to sleep three times and each time woke it with the wireless keyboard.

    I'm sure there are some good tech support people out there; maybe here, but they would be the exception.

    I agree that having to go to the case would be inconvenient. My setup has a screen dropping down in front of the cabinet, smaller display etc. and having to raise the screen to power up after sitting down with my keyboard would simply piss me off.
  6. No1SFanboy,

    Thanks for your confirmation. It is very interesting. I think I will buy the board then.
    Don't know why Gigabytes gave mre wrong info.
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