Virgin Media e08c007 - do I need drivers for Vista?

I'm about to install Vista on a new machine, but for all my searching the 'net I can't find drivers for my modem. It's from Virgin Media, model 255, c08e007, connected with Ethernet. There are no drivers on Virgin's website at all for this, and when the guy came to install it, I don't remember him having a disk with him either...

I just read on another forum that I've now lost :( that you just plug it in to the new machine and as it's already connected to Virgin Broadband it'll just ... work

.... any insight?
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  1. I have a virgin modem - dont know what moddle as I'm at the office ATM - mine is a small flat black thing.

    runnig XP and have nevr needed and drivers -you may need to call virgin tech guys to activate MAC address but thats about it (dout this will be needed)
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