USB device not showing in My Computer

My USB device does not show in "my computer" and neither in Disk management, it does show under Device management -->USB devices, but the statues says that its working properly. Its weird because they were showing up on the same computer and on the same operating system. I dont know what to do, i heard that reassigning letters would solve the problom, but i cant find the device under Disk management.

I am using the Operating System:
Windows XP Professionsl
Build 2600.xpsp.061012-0254(Servic Pack 2)
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  1. Have you checked your BIOS? something maybe disabled. I don't know. Though if you do get something in device manager, then if its a disk, it should be formatted in disk management. Is there any software for the disk, I know with XP or Vista this is almost always automatic. You may just need to check their website, or see if there are any known problems. SP3 may also be an option here. Hope this helps. Looks like a software issue. Your hardware is fine.
  2. in the device manager, uninstall the usb root hubs. Then restart. It will force the PC to reinstall those hubs and recognize hardware attached.
  3. just open the device manager(u can do it by typing in RUN: devmgmt.msc) ;)
    then go to Universal Serial Bus Controllers and expand it...
    go to USB Mass Storage Device.
    right click and select DISABLE
    the list will refresh....
    now again follow the above steps but instead..
    right click and select ENABLE
    it really worked for me..... :sol:
  4. It is also possible that there is something wrong with the USB stick, either physically or in its formatting. Does it contain data that you MUST recover, or would you settle for reformatting it?

    You can look at
    and two of the referenced articles
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