Mouse, Monitor and Keyboard won't turn on but PC fans and lights do

Hi friends,

I need some help.

Recently bought and built a new PC. Here's the specs:

Windows Ultimate x64
Asus P5Q Pro
Corsair DDR2-800 4GB (2x2GB)
Earthwatts 500W
Palit HD 4850

I've had it a week and it's been working just fine really. I tried changing some settings in BIOS (the multiplier was stuck at 6 instead of 9.5), etc. and I've run many Prime95 tests and it's going well. Even played some Warhammer Online and it's great! However, last night I attempted a minor OC. The ONLY thing I did was increase the FSB from 333Mhz to 350MHz. Everything else was left on Auto. It booted up and was doing just fine. I ran a Prime95 test and no issues. I realized though that the memory was running at ~417 frequency so I forgot to change that to stay at the stock 400. I was tired so I just did start > shut down in Windows and went to bed. But then...

This morning tried to turn it on and the only thing that happens is that the fans and lights all kick on inside the PC but nothing else - no monitor, no mouse, no keyboard. I'm new to building PCs and I'm not hearing any "beep" to indicate passing the POST. I tried restarting, unplugging power, etc. and still nothing. I then tried to clear the RTC RAM on the board and removed the battery and alas, no luck.

I don't even know where to begin. I only have one monitor so I can't see if anything is actually happening in the background. Any help/advice you can give me I would greatly appreciate it.
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  1. hmm.. sounds to me that that's a motherboard issue :(...

    maybe one of your voltage regulators got fried ... since you left everything on auto, so, i assume that your voltages or on auto so maybe your board got over volted and fried your regulators...

    i had similar cases to your's .... 2 in fact... one when i tried to overclock beyond my computer's capability ( fried voltage regulators :( ) and the other when i got a short circuit on another pc

    i suggest you buy a new board or contact an expert to change the fried parts ..

    hope i helped in any way ;)

    cheers :P
  2. You might try clearing the CMOS. Your motherboard manual should tell you how to do that.

    It may involve removing the motherboard battery and moving a jumper. Some new boards don't use jumpers any more but have a convenient button.
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