Hey what do you guys think of this website idea?

I'm trying to make a site that will have Tutorials that people can visually see and do. Ofcourse everything is free and no sign ups required.

PLus people's computers will be displayed!

Am I out of my league??

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  1. The domain name you chose will probably never catch on... but other than that, sounds like an ok idea. What do you hope to accomplish by offering this information?
  2. ya I would say the name is too out of the ordinary. but I agree other than the name it sounds like a good idea. What kind of stuff are you going to have tutorials for?
  3. It's a good idea but there are already a number of tutorials available for just about everything. They may not be the exact same concept you are thinking of but they are still there.

    It might depend on what tutorials you plan on offering. There are already tons of info/tutorials/code examples for MS Office products, Visual Basic, Java, HTML, etc...a quick google search on "visual basic tutorial" returned over 370,000 results, "microsoft access tutorial" returned over 360,000 results, Excel returned over 360,000results...check out this website www.appdev.com or www.course.com as an example of what's already out there.

    If you can find some niche it might be good.
  4. There's several sites out there you'll be competing with, as mentioned by chunky....

    N8dogg! Love that profile pic!!
  5. EDIT: Sorry for the missing letters sometimes. I'm on a Univesity Computer in the library and I have to push the keys hard to function....and as you can see I don't type hard....

    well I'm trying to organise the information riht now...I just want a straight to he point no elaboration tutorials. After I'll put a more indepth PDF tutorial for people tha want to understad why they are doing what they are doing.

    I know I have alwas been too embarassed to ak question such a what does IP stand for....(just and example) or Why do the partitions need to named e.

    I want to show peopleout there that a computer problem can be solved without a trip to bestbuy.

    As for what I'm concentrating...the answer is really no strict area. It can be Java it can be windows intallaion. Step by step with a visual every step of the way.
    I can put up a tutorial that tells you where Device manager is....where Unistll programs is for Vista.

    I would also accept othr pplz tutorials that would like to put it up the website. (full credit given to the writer)

    And what I want to do i....do u know how There are like 50 different walkthroughs for games? I can have 50 Different tutorials. I know that sounds dumb but if people have different ways of doing the same thing. Why should I be the one that says which is more convinient.

    I know the domain name aint catchy but I have 3 others.

    If any1 wants to help out let me know..I'll take care of website costs.


    I want to make a site that isn't fancy but is functional. No registraions. Everything given directly from the website is free.
  6. BTW thank you for the answers. I thought I was going to be hammered with (DUMB IDEA) lol

    I really want to return to the computer community everything I learned by myself and generous ppl that took time out of their lives to help me with out taking money out of my pockets.
  7. This is what I want to change the domain to: www.Ispeakcomputer.com
  8. Thank You! The Bibliography is what we started doing now from some sites...although we aren't putting them up unil we have full authority from the authour.
  9. I have an updated version tell me what you guys think:



    www.icanspeakcomputer.com (not activated yet...well they said wait 24 see if it works:P)
  10. That interface looks nice! Keep us updated. It looks like a fun (but LONG) project.
  11. I could use help lol I'm taking care of the charges lol so if any1 wants to send their own tutorial....full credit give to the writer.

    I'm just going to do the tutorials people send it myself and then add visuals:)
  12. Yeah, I thought of that right after I posted. That would be awesome if lots of people started contributing. I'd definitely go to the site.
  13. It took me a while to get a catchy website name lol so I came up with this...I hope its effective. I'm kinda thinking of making a wiki page too...I just don't like how wiki servers are slow sometimes:P
  14. lol I fixed it hahaha thnx
  15. Nice sites :) Keep us updated ...

    I like the idea :) Btw you have to work on the spelling dude :) Well, I'm not a good English user myself so I couldn't help, but I think for the first page we have to use good English :) Get somebody to help ya .. :)

    ps: I like the .org more than the .com. It's because you mentioned that this site will be free of charge and a non comercial one :)
  16. So far pretty good. You should make a forum area, I've noticed one thing about any website, even if it sucks people still go crazy over forums. Also a way for users to upload their own helpful videos and pictures would awsome and sure to get some attention.
    Good luck, it looks like you could make something pretty great.
  17. yeah its not my English lol I was using a computer at school lol and you need to press the keys really hard...and yeah some letters weren't pressed properly...at home I can redo...I have firefox lol so even if I spell the word wrong firefox fixes it:)

    I'm going to try expanding as much as I can..I'm not that great at making websites lol So i'm actually trying to get committed people to help out.

    I don't need em to help pay for, just to help with the site and the maintenance. :D
  18. you started an interesting topic here...
    are you planning on setting up forums?
    it would be a great way to get supporters and info....and ideas!

    Also good to see who really wants to get involved, a forum of your own, as part of the site will regularly draw those who might actually contribute somehow.

    I am toying with the idea of offering help with forum moderation/setup.
  19. That would be awesome:)
    heres my email: theo.dm@gmail.com
  20. great idea. would make life easy for many users..
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