Seagate 320GB faulty batch????

This HDD 'Seagate Serial ATA-300, 7200 RPM, 16MB - MPN: ST3320613AS)' does quite well in Toms charts [3.5 hd chart] in various categories and looks like good value. But 'Newegg' reviews score it at 3 because of breakdowns after 3 to 5 months. Was this a bad batch or does this HDD have an inherent problem.
Anybody got any inside info on it?
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  1. 7200.11 series has a firmware fault with many problems . Not just the 320 , biut other 7200.11 as well .

    The 7200.10 is a lot slower

    The 7200.12 ... who knows but I dont trust seagate .

    For performance go WD black series or samsung
  2. It's only some 7200.11's, not all.

    User reviews (like New Egg) tend to be biased, people are more likley to post feedback when they have problems than when things just work.
  3. Thanks to Outlander_04 and Mrlinux for your input. I think I will give them a go and see what happens.
  4. Quote:
    The 7200.11 dont buy.

    The 7200.12 1TB was rated a "kick ass" 9 by maximum pc.

    what matters is how the drive performs after a year. magazine review writers have minimal information about longevity.

    that's where the Newegg reviews are helpful - a rash of DOA's is something some potential customers want to know about.

    the problem is, it's possible to game the Newegg reviews. you don't know if it's a genuine customer with a bad drive, or a competitor of the drive manufacturer performing "web relations" work.
  5. I figured there must be a bit of 'gaming' as you say Raviolissimo, and some of the reviews appear to me to have obviously been written by a competitor...have you or anyone else have links to testing or reviews which are based on a year or so of use?
    Also, Zipzoomflyhigh, are you associated with 'Zip Zoom Fly' ?
    In any case, to both of you, thanks for taking the time to respond.
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