NEED HELP OVERCLOCKING E8600 3.33Ghz... plezzzz

This is actually my first time trying to overclock a cpu... i have been reading about how easy it can be to have an 8600 @ 4Ghz or so... thats pretty much why im interested, anyways here are my specs: Motherboard:GA-EP45T-DS3R/DS3, Memory: 8gb (2*4) ddr3 my memory timings are 9-9-9-24 2T DRAM FREQUENCY IS 666.6MHZ cpu:E8600 3.33Ghz multiplier (10*bus speed of 333) FSB:1333 CORE VOLTAGE IS AROUND 1.1V hopefully any of this information helps you guys help me out lol... once again im an amateur at this, and i really need help... im really not try to mess up my system. by the way i have one of the best air coolers out there so i wouldnt mind raising my voltages a bit... ANY HELP IS WELCOME THANKS A LOTTT.
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  1. READ.
  2. change bus speed to 400... the rest, u're on your own as each chip is different. you need to fine tune the voltage and run stress test to see the stability of it.
  3. just set bus at 400, bump cpu voltage to around 1.35 and you should be good to go.

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  8. Well i got the E8400 running @ 4ghz. I can squeeze 4.3 but then I care less about the 0.3 and I find that after 4ghz it gets a lot tougher.

    Bump your voltage to like 1.35V.
    Well, on my E8400 I have Bus speed @ 450 and multiplier on 9 (4050mhz)

    So for you, maybe keep the multiplier on 9 and then increase bus speed little by little? Start with my settings and see how it goes. Then from then on go up little by little (if 450 is good, try 470, and then 480, and so on)
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    BTW, I have a new computer and want to overclock it.. can anyone tell me how? ta muchly
  14. As said, read the stickies. Not because Im too lazy or stuck up to tell you the answer, but because overclocking is not for 'amateurs'. There is a fair ammount of knowledge you need to accumulate about how your PC works before you start turning things up. I suggest the 'Overclocking C2Duals/Quads' thread as well as doing a quick google search on overclocking with your motherboard. Learn what you can from these resources, then come back with specific questions and/or problems you run into.
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