Ram not detecting at correct speed

Alrighty I have

OCZ Reaper HPC 2GB 1066
amd 6400+
nvidia 8800gts

I put these parts together yesterday and it post fine and i've got windows xp pro installed


I noticed this morning that the ram is detecting as ddr2 800 and not at 1066 like it is supposed to be doing

The mother board standard is 1066. I've messed with the options on the board, it was detecting the ram timings incorrectly, so I tried changing them manually to what the spd was listing.

I have no idea why the ram is not detecting at the rated speed that is supported by this motherboard. Any ideas?
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  1. There is no standard for DDR2 1066. What the makers sell is is DDR2 800 which they attest/certify will run at 1066 speeds. You will need to set the timings, voltages, and memory divider (speed) to the settings recommended by your memory maker.
  2. Run CPU-Z and get the SPD settings for DDR2-1066. Put those settings in the bios. Ignore what CPU-Z says about memory voltage. Get the memory voltage figure elsewhere.
  3. I dont have the exact settings infront of me, but the mother board gave me the spd settings for what the ram is stated it should run at, and a reading for what the mother board set it to.

    The mother board says that it can read the ram at 1066 in the manual, but within the bios it will not allow me to set it to the correct spd, only partially. I'm thinking maybe a later bios ver. may help?

    it gives me an option to set the ram speed, it list a bunch of speeds UP TO 800. I've already changed everything I CAN change, but it will not detect it as 1066.

    I'm thinking it's not a huge loss or anything. it is just annoying when the mobo says it can run it, I buy 1066 rated ram, and the bios will not allow me to do so.
  4. Whether 1066 MHz memory speed is supported depends on the CPU being used, please refer "Memory Support List" for memory support information.
  5. Try putting one piece per channel. Might work and recognize 1066.
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