*Overclock HELP amd x2 4400+

so i have an amd x2 4400+ and my mobo is an a8n sli series 4. i went through the bios to overclock and came up with this:

Core Speed: 2475 MHz
Mult: 11x
Bus Speed: 225 MHz
Voltage: auto

my core temp rattles between 35-55.

im very new to this overclocking game, just doing it to try and get a little more life out of my aging rig. through google research, people seem to also mess with their memory settings in tandum with overclocking their cpu. should i do the same? not sure what info is needed here, but here is what i got:

3072 MBytes
DRAM Frequency: 176.8 MHz
CL: 2.5 clocks
tRCD: 4 clocks
tRP: 4 clocks
tRAS: 7 clocks
tRC: 16 clocks
CR: 2T

right now everything seems to be running fine. if you have any suggestions on how to increase performance further or any tips on overclocking in general id be happy to hear. also, if you notice something wrong with what i have please let me know, again im a noob.
DRAM Idle Timer: 16 clocks
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  1. change your ratio so that your ram runs at least at 200mhz (if ddr400, of course). No reason to keep it at ddr333.
  2. I had the same board and processor... 2.6 GHz is easily reachable if you give it a LITTLE more volts (think 1.40-1.45) For me I underclocked my RAM so that once the overclock on the processor was done that my RAM was back to its normal rated speed. I had value RAM so I didn't have much choice in this matter. The extra voltage will create more heat (duh) so hopefully your cooling system is up to snuff. Given the age of that processor (OLD) you really aren't risking a lot to go to 2.6. Mine has been running at that speed for 3 years now (I don't currently own the system, but whatever... it's still alive and kicking)
  3. thanks for the info. my multiplier only lets me get up to 11 in the bios. how do i make it go higher? im already maxed.
    btw, my power supply is only 550, am i going to run into any problems?
  4. lucky rodney. Mine wasn't stable past 2.4ghz and even then. I ran it stable at 2.3 and could boot all the way at 2.75 but that wouldn't even load windows :P
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