Cant get stable 3.6ghz q9450

Hi People,

i "upgraded" from a perfectly stable 3.8ghz E8500 to the very annoying Q9450.
cant get it stable on 3.6 3.4 getting BSOD and max 15 - 20 minutes out of prime i have upped the voltages to 1.44 northbridge is 1.5 and at the moment and it's working ok but thats a little high for my liking.

i wanted to get some oppinions on weather i just have a pants Q9450 on my hands...
and also

which would be better at gaming 3.8 E8500 or 3.2 Q9450 (thats the only stable speed i think i can get to) (higher end, 1650x1050 V.high Crysis type games and farcry2 fallout 3, looking into the future) will have 4870x2 for graphics.

(heat isn't the issue with real temps even under load i dont get any high temps)
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  1. to make a diffrence between a quad and a dual core in games is you have to be about 300-500mhz faster for the dual core so that you dont lose any fps. personaly id sell the q9450 and get a good air cooler and clock your e8500 to well over 4ghz like mabee 4.2-4.5 should be easy if its a e0. that would give you a better experience than a q9450 at 3.2ghz.
  2. thanks for the help. im going to troubleshoot a little more cause i cant imagine the proccessor couldn't handle 3.4 or 3.6 especially when the temp when crashing are between 19 and 35 oC (real temp)

    if not it;s back to my trustworthy E8500

  3. what cooler are you useing for your q9450? also whats ure load temps.
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