RAID1 Degraded - Help me boot!

To make a long story short I was running Vista 32 in Raid 1 (mirror). All worked fine until my power supply died at which point I was no longer able to boot. Vista repair does not have a good time with RAID drivers so it wasn’t able to “see” my drive to repair them. Somehow between the dozens of restarts the raid array “degraded” and now I am really up the creek…

Can I disable the raid controller on the BIOS and simply run vista repair on one of the the single drives? It just sounds to easy.

Thanks for your help...
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  1. On a degraded array, you just need to boot into the RAID bios, and repair the array. If one of your drives has failed, the array may be trying to run off of the other drive (since they are exact copy's). If that is the case, you need to get a new drive to replace the failed drive, and then repair the array.
  2. I understand that would solve the "degraded problem" but it still wont allow me to run vista repair and correct the MBR. Even when the raid array was "healthy" vista repair (booted off the recovery disk) was not able to "see" the drive. In fact, when I tried to install the drivers it caused the crash that "degraded" my array.

  3. I'm just speculating here, I don't know for sure. But if one of your drives had failed, and you try to repair the windows install on the array, it may detect that there is only 1 physical drive. Even though an array was running, to repair the OS on it, it may need 2 working physical drives within that array.

    When it crashed installing drivers, were those the RAID drivers from the mobo manufacturer?
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