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Search turned up nothing, so here goes the inquiry.

I'm trying to use Audacity to record onto a file exactly what is playing from my speakers. Audacity gives fairly clear instructions at their website as to how to do this--I have to make my card's equivalent of "Stereo Mix" available as a recording device.

My card is a Creative Soundblaster SE. Creative used to have an option equivalent to "Stereo Mix" called "What U Hear." However, with their later drivers, (in particular, the ones designed for Vista,) they seem to have gotten rid of this option. As a result, I can find no option under my card's list of recording devices which lets me do what I want to do--which is to record whatever's coming through my speakers into a sound file.

Does anyone here know how to pull this off on a Vista machine using a Creative card?

I can do it on my XP integrated-sound laptop. But that's much slower.

Sorry for the poorly worded post. I'm not at my Vista machine right now so couldn't look to see exactly what the relevant menus etc. were called.

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  1. The option to record from the speakers is still there. Vista 'hides' it by default. You can follow this tutorial...

    In a nutshell you need to launch the sound applet and click on the 'recording' tab and then right click in the list of devices and 'show disabled devices'.

    Hope that helps. :)
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