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I am running a P5k Deluxe with Q6600. I'm not sure if this is a software or hardware problem, but I'm having trouble with sleep in Vista. If I set my BIOS power setting to Auto or S3, my machine will not resume from sleep properly. I can work if set to S1.

This is a custom-build with all new components, so I'm scratching my head over waht device might be having trouble with S3, or is the mobo?

Any advice?
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  1. its nomal

    its vistam do you have usb devices? change/check key board and mouse

    load service pack 1 that may help

    it can be software problem too, change sleep settings usually do not help only not useing them
  2. I have eliminated the USB devices by unplugging them. I have eliminated all other devices in device manager, and turned off all non-microsoft services.

    The only options are motherboard, BIOS settings, or video card. I'm at a loss to determine where to go from here.
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