Is it posible to protect an usb flash key from formatting?

I've not been able to find info about this on google.

Does anyone here know if this is possible?

It's for Windows XP
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  1. usually, a flash drive doesn't format unless you tell it to. otherwise you have something wrong with your computer
  2. Umm couple of quick questions.
    1. Is it formating when you plug it in(with out command)
    2. If it is have you tryed a diffrent usb port
    3. Why are you trying to keep it from being formated.
  3. sorry I think i'm not been clear.

    Let's try it again:

    Is there a way to prevent a Windows user from formatting a usb flash key?

    I want to attach a software that my costumers can't delete easily (at least not with the format utility in Windows Explorer)

    thanks for helping and sorry for my english
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    A partition editor (PartedMagic, Gparted, (maybe) Partition Magic (not sure)) will allow you to mark the partition as write protected (partition flags), this should protect against formating and file deletion, however a user who knows what He/She is doing will still be able to clear the write protect.
  5. what about if I need to disable it from formatting but still be possible to write documents?
    Is there any way to do this?

    Getting rid of the "Format" option from the right-click menu in My PC would be enough for me.

    thanks for your time ;)
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