$1500 Build - Comments on components

This is my new build I'm going to buy soon, it's pretty much all for gaming.


I probably will buy this when I can find an E8400, which probably won't be from Newegg.

Just wondering if everything looks good, or if there's something you would change. Thanks!

Note:I'm getting the 780i with a GTS because I'm hopefully planning the 9800's will come out within 90 days and I will just do the step-up with the GTS and save for another 9800 for SLI
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  1. Not bad at all.

    The Freezer 7 is perfect for a mild overclock, but then you could get DDR2-800 and save some money. I'm assuming you want more than that, so get a heavy-duty cooler like the Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme/Scythe SFF21F combo or a Tuniq Tower.

    I have WD5000AAKS disks and also WD7500AAKS. The WD7500AAKS is noticeably faster. Also look at the new WD6400AAKS.

    Get this PSU instead, it's also called Silencer 750W, same price, but it has 6/8 pin connectors instead of fixed 6-pin.
    Just in case the 9800 cards need 8-pin connectors...

    This thermal paste is better than the AS5:
  2. Looks sweet. Its exactly what I'd get... if I had the money. This cooler is a lot like the Thermalright Ultra, but cheaper. Take a look, it seems pretty sweet to me.


    The Freezer 7 isn't bad though, I've got it and it runs great.
  3. Yeah, that Xigmatek is a very nice one. Almost as good as the Thermalright Extreme (1 dB, 3 degrees, 50 MHz difference, all negligible IMO) and half the price. :love:

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