After changing my OS .NET framework won't install

I've recently switched from Windows XP SP2 to windows vista, but i used a recovery partition, so i would still have all my old files.

When i started using windows vista everything was fine, then i decided i wanted to create a program in VB 2008 (which runs with .NET 3.5), when i tried to run the VB 2008 i couldn't seem to be able to find it, so i had to re-install it.
when i tried to install VB 2008, it would download all the resources need from the internet to actually install the program, but once it got to the offline installing stage, the progress bar went up by 1 increment and then i got an error message telling me that the installer couldn't install .NET Framework 3.5.
After trying to VB 2008 5 times it kept on refusing to install, so i gave up and install VB 2010 Express edition, which installed fine on the first try, but i have reason to believe this was due to the fact that VB 2010 Express Edition runs with .NET Framework 4.0 not 3.5.
So there i was thinking everything was fine and then i found out that vista is extremely slow due to things like unwanted processes and the famous eye candy theme, and this effected my gaming.

So i decided to go back to Windows XP, but instead of getting Windows XP SP2 i got Windows XP SP3, i don't think this makes any difference but it may be important.

I had the same problem with not being able to find/use VB 2010, so i needed to install it yet again, and i crashed into the same problem with the error message, but this time with both VB 2008 and VB 2010, so therefore i cannot use VB, and there is no way in Hell i'm going to use a later version than VB 2008.

I tried to solve this problem by using .NET Framework's own installer (for V. 4.0) which didn't work, in a similar way to VB, it installed everything online, but when it went to the offline installing i got an error that told me the installer had a 'fatal error' and could not continue.
i tried the standalone installer after, yet another error...

i would be very grateful if someone could help me solve this problem as it is starting to drive me insane!! :\

P.S. i wasn't sure what category to put this in :|
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  1. Look in the Add/Remove programs menu. UNINSTALL .NET Framework. Then try installing it from the online download.

    It requires that you uninstall any Previous version of .NET Framework that might already be on your computer.
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