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i finally decided it's time to ditch my old P4 northwood and now plan to buy a new cpu + mb. since i bought my X1950 GT AGP card just 1 year ago and want to keep it the only intel socket 775 board coming into questions seems to be the Asrock 4COREDUAL-SATA2. concerning the cpu i tend to buy a E4700 or possibly a Q6600, both seem fairly low priced at the moment.
do you think the Q6600 or even the E4700 is far too good for a x1950? i dont exactly play alot but plan to keep this system over the next 3 years or so.
i've read about some problems that occured when using the Q6600 with this asrock mainboard, are these still current?

any advice would be appreciated, i don't really know alot about todays hardware standards. :)

thank you,
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  1. forgot to mention i'm not much into overclocking. ofc i wouldnt refuse to overclock if it actually results in a worthy performance boost.
  2. If it gives you a decent idea...my roommate has an x1950GT paired with an old Pentium D 805, and it runs decently. I'd say the two are pretty well paired, with the Pentium D being maybe a tad slow for the x1950GT. An E4700 is going to be overkill, and the Q6600...well, I won't even go there. You could easily go a lot cheaper (like an E2220 or so) and be completely fine.
  3. well the asrock mainboard does also have a pci-e slot so i might upgrade my graphics card sometime. considering i want to keep the system for a few years would it be wise to buy a Q6600 even though some people report trouble with this cpu + mainboard combo? keep in mind this board supports a maximum of 2 GB RAM.
  4. oh another question i have: the asrock mainboard has a max fsb of 1066, so would it even be possible to overclock the Q6600? like i said i dont know much about overclocking, sorry if its a stupid question. so if i'm going to overclock a bit with this board should i go for the E4700 or Q6600?
  5. The Q6600 runs at 266*4. Your FSB is 266*4. You can still overclock.
  6. The E4700 runs at 200*4. The motherboard runs at 266*4.
    The Q6600 is a better processor over the E4700.
    I would prefer the Q6600.
  7. i'm still very undecided. i've read many negative things about the asrock 4coredual sata2 mainboard so i dont think its smart to buy a Q6600 that might cause some problems (plus the asrock homepage says "*When you adopt Quad Core CPU, FSB may be reduced 5%"). i'd rather get a cheaper cpu like chedrz said and not waste too much money. if the mainboard is as bad as people say i probably wont upgrade to a pci-e card until i buy a whole new pc.
    MB will be ~50€, 2gigs of ram for ~30€, but which of the following cpus would you guys choose? or some other?
    E4700 110€, E4500 95€, E2200 65€
    btw is there any site where i can look up the boxed cpu fan noise level? i dont really plan to buy a cpu fan so i'd rather pick a boxed cpu with a quiet fan.
  8. I know you want to keep your 1950GT, but I would seriously consider ditching it. That way, you open up your options for motherboards. It will cost a little more, but it ensures that you have plenty of upgrade options going forward. Go with a lesser CPU, like a e2200 and get a new video card. Then you can OC the CPU and still have killer performance.
  9. nah i'll keep the 1950 GT, its not thaaaat bad is it. ;)
    i've come down to E2200, E4500 and E4700. darnit can't decide. :(
  10. E2200. Or even an E2160. That way you've got money saved to upgrade your graphics card in the future, and if the motherboard isn't great, at least you can definately overclock, as the E2*** run at 800FSB while the board supports 1066.
  11. It isn't the CPU that is the problem, it is being stuck on a AGP board. It is kinda silly at this point to hang onto it. A highly clocked 8600 GTS (about $75-$100) is pretty much as fast as your 1950GT. Or get a 8800GS that will completely stomp the performance of your card for about $120.

    But, whatever floats your boat. But, for the most part though, there aren't many AGP cards coming out that are much better than what you have. There are some 3850's, but they cost a lot, for very little in terms of a performance upgrade. As we go forward, there will be less and less options for AGP that cost way more than the PCI-e counterpart.
  12. The OP isn't stuck on an AGP mobo though, its an AGP/PCI-E hybrid and has both slots, so the option is always there. He is currently running a P4, which would seriously bottleneck a 1950GT, so even an E2160 would be a massive upgrade for gaming performance. And when the 1950GT is due for an upgrade, the OP can pop in a PCI-E card. No problemo. ;)
  13. alright i decided to order the E4600, thank you very much for all the help guys.
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