overclocking qx6850 past 3.9 ghz??

Hello, i have been trying to overclock my cpu over 3.9 ghz @1.4685 V , but everytime i get to say 4.1ghz @1.55 V it gets to hot and crashes out of 3dmark06 at the cpu test. I know there are some really good overclockers out there who might be able to help so please any ideas??

3.9ghz @36-7c idle 47=50c gaming(CRYSIS) Iwould like to beat my 3dmark06 score of 20131 with 2x 8800 gtx with now my new xfx gtx280 xxx oc 726/1524/1310
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  1. whats ure prime95 load temps that will show you how hot its getting under the cpu test. also thats a big leap in vcore for such a small ammount of fsb, have you tried upping mch cos the quads need alot more than a dual.
  2. i have a 13x multiplier and if i dont up the vcore to 1.5+ on over 3.9ghz it won't boot the system. I have a thermaltake bigwater 760i water cooler on the cpu and prime95 crashes even @ 3.9 but is stable on 3dmark06 @ 20040 points and gaming (crysis, farcry2,hl2..etc) no crashes ever. My temps writing this now @3.9ghz are 15c motherboard 35c cpu 42c,37c,40c,42c cores 42c gpu 36c gpu ambient
    Thanks in advance.
  3. generly the higher fsb will stress ure northbridge more but will give you headroom if the cpu doesnt like high multi, try 10x400fsb and report back as to if its better or not. ure temps are fine btw.
  4. have tried as you suggested but will only boot into windows not stable with a vcore of1.575v keeps bsod. Will probably just keep my settings @3.9ghz and be happy with that, just wanted my QX6850 to go further maybe try again in the future
  5. hmm its a shame id love to overclock a qx series cpu i have good cooling a vapo ls but am stuck overclocking a crap e8400 :P
  6. There cheaper now, try ebay, i've seen them on there. thanks.
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