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Running a core 2 quad (q9300), and been having an issue with the temperature.

Up untill this evening, I had been running a high CPU temperature (mid-high 40* c idle) but it's recently dropped to 29-31* c (idle). I figure this would have a positive effect on my CPU cores, but they read just as high as before the drop. 55-56* c.

Asus AI Suite, as well as speed fan and BIOs all read low 30* c, with a motherboard temp of 39-41* c. And core temp is reading high temp cores. I'm really at a loss for why my cores are so high, my MB is higher than I would preffer, but my CPU is reading lower than all the other temps.

Is there a sensor gone on my MB that fails to read the right CPU temp? Or is this acurate? Advice, warnings, anything would be helpful.
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  1. I wouldn't trust any temperature readings you get from the onboard sensors. If you're worried about it manually check the temperature at the base of the heatsink with a pyrometer (basically a high-accuracy digital thermometer if you aren't familiar with the term). The temp of the cores will be a couple of degrees hotter than the temp at the base of the heatsink, but this will give you an idea of what the actual temp range you are running at is.
  2. I have to wait to get my hands on a pyrometer (expensive, and not something I have sitting around >.<). My board came with extra sensors (to place with the hard drives or power supply or air intake, et cetera), and I have put one at the base of the heat sink (under side, near the contact with the chip). I was hoping to get temps that would reflect the core temps I am reading, but instead it verifies the cpu temp that I really feel is wrong.

    Is it possible for the MB temp to be higher than the CPU temp? By 10-13* at idle and 3-5* at load? At least something to keep be busy while I try and get ahold of a pyrometer.
  3. Shot the base of the heat sink, gives a temperature of about 33*c. So I am safe to assume that my core is a couple degrees hotter than that, no?

    Depending on where I shoot the heat sink (at the top where the heat pipes come through, vs the side at the lower part nearest the processor) I get anywhere from 28-33*.
  4. normal for quads for increase around 20c from no load to high load - your temps look correct
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