Do not buy from these people. They sell used merchandise as new. I bought two xeon CPUs and they were used. The lady explained that they are sold as bulk, if you pay $800 then you get the manufacture warranty, if not, then you get 30 days warranty only. The items are used. They are scuffed. She tried to say that they are in the tray and come that way. Funny, I have had trays of CPUS and I never saw any scuffs and scratches. And I have pics to show that they have been used. Do not buy from these people.

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  1. Do not buy from these people x2 - I bought a hard to find refurbished Lenovo laptop motherboard, they are selling the cheaper model 11011152 (with Intel GMA graphics) as a 11011150 with 2 memory card readers soldered onto the board, onboard nvidia chip soldered onto the board & bluetooth. When I called to complain, they claimed the product was refurbished and it was my fault, I had to refer them to the Lenovo website and pay for return shipping. They try to slam you for parts restocking on their mistake/misrepresentation as well.
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