9800 GX2 driving dual displays issue.

Hello guys,

I recently purchased an XFX 9800 GX2, but cannot get Windows to drive a second display.

When plugging the DVI connector to port #2, one can hear the sound that is played when one connects a USB device. However, nothing shows on the NVIDIA control panel. The regular "Set up multiple displays" option under "Display" is absent. The multiple display wizard is absent as well. The bootup sequence only shows on the monitor connected to port #1.

There is nothing wrong with either monitor, because both display correctly when connected to the video card`s port #1.

System status:
- I am running video ForceWare drivers 174.53
- I am running motherboard XFX 780i driver 9.46
- I am running a 100% fresh install of 64-bit Windows Vista

Hopefully all is clear, and someone has an idea / solution

Thank you!
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