My idea for an upgrade to my current build. Thoughts?

This is my current setup...

OS____Windows XP Home SP2
CPU___AMD Athlon X2 3800+ / 2.4GHz
GPU___GeForce 7600GT, 256MB GDDR3
RAM___A-DATA Extreme, 2GB, DDR2 800 / 4-4-4-12, 2T
PSU___FSP Group 450W, 36A
HDD___Western Digital Caviar 250GB
Case__Antec Nine Hundred

This is the setup I was thinking of upgrading to (in time)

CPU - AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Black Edition (OC'd to 3.2 GHz)
GPU - GeForce 9600GT SLI
Mobo - AM2+ and SLI compliant

Assuming all other components remain the same (case, OS, RAM, PSU and HDD), about how much would I expect to spend on this kind of upgrade and how big of a performance boost could I expect? Also, any suggestions for an Intel setup instead?

Note - Right now I game on a 19" (I think) monitor that does 1280x1024 max resolution, but I eventually want to game on a 24" monitor that gets 1920x1200. Added cost?
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  1. I think you'd be spending at least 500-600 bucks for that upgrade. Why don't you go in parts? Get one 9600gt, then grab the chip you want. Then later grab the sli board and later another 9600gt
  2. CPU 5000+BE:


    $180 x 2

    I recommend waiting to see if a newer SLI board comes out for AM2+ (or just go with a 790FX and ATI cards)
  3. IH8U, I am wondering if you will mod the single-pci-e board to dual in sli for him for free?

    What's your budget? Are you an AMD loyalist?
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