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i've got v.169 for my 8800gt in windows xp.now would i be able to use v.174.53 meant for the 9 series for my card under windows xp?
btw v.169 does cause weird video dis-coloration in some movies.some movies play properly on my laptop but then they look weird and the colours aren't where they are supposed to be no problem with the sound.i never faced the problem with my old 6600gt and the drivers were the same.(169)
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  1. ofc u can..

    u just need to download the inf's for ur 8800 series card and they should work properly.

    or u can try these

  2. The new 174.74 betas are supposed to elimanate that
  3. i have updated the drivers to v.174.74.the video dis-coloration isn't there any more.but i've seen a slight drop in frame rates in crysis.i have to run fraps to see the frame rates and i haven't done it yet,but it was a bit faster with v.169.xx drivers.at least i felt so by the look of it.maybe my eyes are playing tricks.must run fraps.
    i am looking for the most optimum settings for my video card.aa and af and all the other stuff--can anyone help me out? i am tired of tweaking it for crysis.i would be playing crysis at 1024x768.it does get cpu intensive at lower resolutions,right? however cod4 works like a charm with aa and af turned on @1280x1024--the max my monitor can support(17"philips crt)
    i've got windows xp pro.
    amd opteron 175 @ 2.2ghz(haven't overclocked it-CRISIS(!) crashed after i overclocked the cpu),asus a8n-e mobo with nvidia nforce4 ultra chipset.my 8800gt 512mb card at stock speeds-600/1800,2gb of ddr400 ram.
  4. The best advise I can give you is here http://www.tweakguides.com/ Each game has its own demands, and you can selectively set that up in nVidias Control Panel. Check out my link for tweaking, itll help for certain games, and all games overall
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