Rebranded Lian-Li Case. The RocketFish RF-FULLTWR details and pictures

as some of you know, best buy sells a "Rocketfish Full Tower" case. well, its basically a hybrid Lian-Li case thats made just for best buy. i just found out that they are on clearance for 50 dollars in store. great deal for this case...absolutely huge and great for water cooling. check it out:

and don't forget your printable coupon:

the coupon may or may not work for you (keep in mind it's in store only). if it does, you can pick up this case for about 45 dollars. i consider this a steal.
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  1. That looks like a really cool case. The only thing i dont like is that the hard drive bays are riveted to the bottom of the case reducing a small amount of airflow. Also it would be nice if there was more intake air coming through the front. Other than that its a great deal; good find.
  2. well, the air intake of the case its not a big deal for me because i have a lian li ex-33b hard drive bay, or you could get a scythe kama 5.25" bay intake fan.

    as for the hard drive bays riveted to the case, i did notice that, but whats to stop me from drilling the rivets out, turning it, and then riveting it back in? :D

    EDIT: Scythe Kama-Bay...
  3. That Scythe Kama-Bay intake is a cool idea, i dont know why i never thought of that. Another cool find, thanx.
  4. Coupon doesn't say "cases."

    I hope that doesn't bust anyone's balls, but working in retail, you know what to look for.
  5. i've worked my fair share of "retail" jobs, and just because the coupon doesnt say it doesnt mean you can't use it. plus, most of the people at best buy dont give a crap (well where i live anyway). i've used a coupon for music cd's that clearly had "cannot be used on music cd's" printed on it.
  6. So here goes, for all those that care. I picked my "RocketFish" case up from Best Buy a couple of hours ago, and i must say, it is an amazing case for the money. As you can see in the pictures below, the case cost less than $50, and the manufacturer listed is Lian-Li. So here are the pictures:

    First off, the box is huge. I stand at 6 foot 4.5 inches tall, and the box comes up to the top of my knee.

    The opened box. Pretty well packaged, and the case is very snug in the box...had to flip it upside down and let it fall out.



  7. All of the hardware included with the case is in one box, with tape that keeps it in one of the 5.25" bays. When removing the tape, there was no residue left on the case.

    The horizontal plates that you see inside the 5.25" bays are removable. Not sure why they are there...maybe to stabilize the case?

    The fans in the rear of the case. One blows air out, the other blows air onto the video card(s)/motherboard.

    A closeup view of the fan that blows on the video card

    And that fan removed...

    As you can see, the fan bracket has plastic grommets that reduce vibration, thus reducing noise. It was also very simple to remove, as it is held in place by 4 thumb screws...

    Now, this is directed to those, like ryanthesav, that think the hard drive cages are riveted to the case (I must admit, I was also under this impression). Much to my surprise, the hard drive cages are removable. 5 screws hold the first hard drive cage in place (the one closest to the intake fan), while 6 screws hold in the second hard drive cage.

    Here is a picture of the case with one of the hard drive cages removed

    After I realized that the hard drive cages were removable, I started inspecting the case in further detail to see what else was could be taken off. The front of the case, which is actually also made of aluminum, is being held on by 4 screws. After taking that off, again, to my surprise, I found out the top of the case was also removable.

  8. It doesn't look like it has a removable motherboard tray, which is too bad, because that is one of my favorite things about my Lian-Li, I can install my CPU, video card, ram and CPU cooler before I put anything in the case.
  9. And here is the case with my Thermaltake LAN Strap

    Overall, the build of the case is excellent. I would fully recommend this to ANYONE, especially at the $50 price point.

    What I liked:
    -Overall build quality was excellent
    -In depth manual with everything you could need to know about the case
    -Came with a large variety of screws, and also a screwdriver for installing the motherboard standoffs
    -Lots of potential for modifications (you can very easily fit a 3 x 120mm radiator in the top of the case (yes, i measured it)
    -Classy and sleek looking
    -All aluminum (the only plastic parts are the anti vibration parts, the power and reset button, etc)
    -Top mounted audio out, microphone, 2 USB headers, and FireWire ports
    -Removable FRONT DOOR. 3 screws up top and 3 on the bottom and no more front door

    What I Didn't Like:
    -If you hold the case and shake it hard, you can hear metal rubbing somewhere...but then again who is really going to do that? (Come to think of it, the squeaking could be from the latch used to lock the front door of the case)
    -Wasn't free (but at that price, it might as well have been)
    -Lack of slide-out motherboard tray (but at this price, it would be pretty hard to find on that does)

    MY Final Score for this case is going to be a 9.3 out of 10. Overall, one of the best cases I have ever personally used.

    If anyone has any questions about the case, just ask and I will try to answer them the best I can.
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